Noto Peninsula Earthquake fundraising event: links and media

Photo of collapsed building at Taniizumi Sake Brewery on the Noto Peninsula, posted by Tengumai.

Sake sold by Tengumai with part of the purchase price going to those affected by the earthquake.

Photo of sake main ferment (moromi) rescued from Kazuma Sake Brewery, makers of Chikuha (winner of IWC Sparkling Sake Trophy 2023)

Photo of pressed sake from the rescued moromi at Kazuma Sake Brewery.

The Shata Sake Brewery team with others from Kazuma and Yoshida sake breweries – Yoshida (makers of Tedorigawa) helped to press Kazuma’s sake.

A photo of the destroyed buildings of the Sakurada Sake Brewery on the Noto Peninsula (brewers of Hatsuzakura and Taikei) – Shata Sake Brewery will co-brew and blend a sake with them.

The father (owner) and son (currently university student) of Sakurada Sake Brewery, standing in front of Shata Sake Brewery. As well as the collaboration sake, Shata are also offering them their facilities to keep brewing.

The full Shata Sake Brewery team, including master brewer Saburo Naka, reunited for the first time since the earthquake.

Post from Yoshida Shuzo (Tedorigawa) promoting a crowdfunding initiative as part of stage 1 of their efforts to help devastated Noto breweries.

The first of three limited edition sake released by Yoshida Sake Brewery to raise money for the Noto Peninsula – 1000 yen of the purchase price will be donated with 300 going to the consumer, 300 to retailers, and 400 to breweries.




Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Assocation

Ishikawa Prefecture Brewers Association

 Media coverage

Seiko Kinshichi of Matsunami Sake Brewery, makers of Ooeyama, returning to her family’s brewery and home after being evacuated

Sake rice stored at Matsunami Sake brewery was purchased by another brewery, Kaetsu in Komatsu City. Matsunami hope to dig out more sake, including some laid down for maturation, but as they are a small family-run business it will take some time.