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sake can be simple

Did you know that Japanese sake is similar in strength to wine, but has a flavour profile that’s easier to pair with food? It contains no sulphides or gluten, and some styles and brands are vegan.

Discover Sake is your guide to the rich and multifaceted world of sake. Get your bearings with the Sake Spectrum infographic and set off on your own adventure, take the Pocket Guide to Sake as your companion on your journey of discovery, or go for a deeper dive with the comprehensive introduction Seven Days of Sake.

Join an introductory workshop or casual sake meetup in Zürich, Switzerland or bring the experience to you with a customised tasting event.

Chart your journey with tasting notebooks, discover your favourites and celebrate them with t-shirts and accessories. Chart your own adventure with a guide to visiting breweries in Japan.

There’s so much to discover. Take your first sip and start exploring!

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Seven Days of Sake

Everything you wanted to know about sake but were too embarrassed to ask, in a week of daily emails.

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The Sake Spectrum

Your simple guide to sake classes and styles. Just download and pick a starting point to begin exploring sake.

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Introduction to Sake

An introductory workshop with plenty of tasting! Start exploring the world of sake at MAME 2 Seefeld, in Zurich, Switzerland.

- 28 February / 18 April / 23 May / 25 July / 26 September / 28 November 2019 -

Pocket Guide to Sake

Tiny but powerful, keep this reference in your pocket or wallet for selecting, storing, pairing and serving sake.

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- For the Journey -

Sake tastings

Get to know sake better! Casual tastings with a theme, such as one legal classification or style, a brewery or food pairing. Details will be announced closer to the date – sign up to the mailing list to be the first to know!

- 14 March / 16 May / 13 June / 11 July / 15 August / 12 September / 17 October / 14 November / 12 December 2019 -

Tasting Notebooks

Keep track of everything you’ve experienced along with tasting notes and pairing ideas in these notebooks.

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Celebrate Sake

Have a favourite style? Want to show the world your love for sake? Do it with t-shirts, stickers and more.

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